We believe that our metal engineering services should provide a complete solution for our clients.

This is why our team at QuTec are fully trained and equipped not only to produce the parts that our customers need for their projects, but also to provide a metal assembly service so we can supply our clients with the finished goods. We know that the job is only half complete, if our customers receive individual components that then require assembly to complete the construction of a project. We want our customers to be fully satisfied that they have received a complete service, so we work with each client from the initial stages of production, through to completion of the final product.

No project is too big or small

Our skilled team are able to handle any project, whatever the size. During our 45 years of trading, we have developed extensive experience finishing metal projects by providing the assembly services our clients need for completion. By working on a comprehensive range of projects for clients from a wide range of industries, our team have developed considerable knowledge of the skills required, throughout the process of metal assemblies.

Our experience of various pressed or fabricated assemblies includes everything from anti-vibration components and systems for locomotive and construction vehicles, to larger projects for defences against flooding. Our customers can therefore have complete faith in the ability and skills of our team to carry out any assembly task that may be required.

A professional service from start to finish

We take great pride in all of the work we carry out for our customers. We guarantee that from the moment we start on a project to completion of the finished product, we maintain the highest standards to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Throughout the metal assembly process, our team carry out stringent checks and assessments to ensure that the work will pass any quality control inspection. We only allow our work to leave the premises if completion is of the best quality possible, so our customers can have full confidence that their products will exceed any expectations.

We follow our client’s specifications to the letter, paying particular attention to detail so that the end result is a perfect representation of our client’s original design. We are not happy unless our customer is completely satisfied with our work, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring all of our staff and our machinery will produce exceptional quality every time.

Contact us to find out more about QuTec’s assembly services

If you would like more information about our metal engineering services, including how we can help you carry out any assembly requirements, contact our team here at QuTec who will be happy to discuss how our services will provide a complete solution for your project, manufactured to the highest standards.

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