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What is CE Marking EN 1090ā€“1:2009 + A1:2011 Welding Accreditation and what does this mean?

From 1st July 2014 all fabricated structural steelwork must meet the harmonised European standard BS EN 1090 and carry the CE mark. QuTec Pershore LTD has maintained its investment in both personnel and quality control systems to ensure that it achieves certification, which is determined by an independent assessment. The accreditation also ensures that QuTec Pershore LTD continues to maintain its membership of the British Standards Institute (BSI).

Qutec CE Marking Accrediation

In 2013 the new Construction Products Regulations were released, making CE marking mandatory and requiring fabricators to demonstrate that their internal training, qualifications and quality control procedures met the necessary standards.


BS EN 1090-2 requires that for any project, the required quality of fabrication or Execution Class must be specified. This determines the level of quality required within the fabrication process, according to the type of building, height, area and purpose.

Class System Level Type of Work Undertaken
EXC1 Elementary Quality System Farm Buildings
EXC2 Standard Quality System Buildings
EXC3 Comprehensive Quality System Bridges, Stadia
EXC4 Comprehensive Quality System Special Structures

Every construction must be classified under one of the four levels where Execution Class 2 (EXC2) will be appropriate for the majority of buildings constructed in the UK. If the Execution Class is not specified on a project then EXC2 shall apply.

Qutec’s Accreditation
  1. Fully accredited to CE Marking EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 ā€“ Execution of steel structures & aluminum structures
  2. Able to facilitate the manufacturing (incl. welding) of structural work in steel & aluminum up to and including Execution Class 2 (EXC 2) as defined in EN1090-2 & EN1090-3

QuTec Pershore LTD has been accredited to EXC2, which has a more arduous approvals standard but allows it to fabricate the vast majority of steel structures. The certification provides evidence of a suitable Factory Production Control (FPC), which ensures traceability of every component from source through the fabrication process and to final delivery to site.

The BSI has made CE Marking compliance a condition of membership and therefore selecting a BSI Member, such as QuTec Pershore LTD, will ensure compliance with the regulations. The client, main contractor or insurer would not need to carry out due diligence of the steelwork contractor in this case since it has already been undertaken by the BSI as part of their membership audit.

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