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Components used in the manufacture of any product often start life as sheet metal that needs to be formed or bent into the correct shape for their intended use.

At QuTec, we take pride in supplying professional sheet metal forming services performed to the highest standard by our team of skilled operators.

We guarantee quality and precision in our work so our customers can be confident that the end result will not only meet their specifications, but also exceed their expectations of a metal bending service provider.

Catering for a variety of metal forming requirements

We know that every customer will have a range of different requirements when looking for a metal forming service. This is why we are committed to ensuring that our equipment can deliver the solutions that our customers need, whatever they may be. We therefore invest in machinery that can handle a range of different specifications for a variety of different projects for maximum customer satisfaction.

Our company’s combination of skilled operators and top quality machinery means we can provide a variety of sheet metal solutions for our customers. We have minimised our limitations by ensuring that our press brake can accommodate a range of different metals, including mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, and material sizes up to three metres in length. It also has a bending and forming capacity of 100 tonnes, so our customers can be confident that our machinery can produce the components they need, formed to their exact specifications.

Providing an expert and professional metal bending service

The directors of QuTec have been in the metal forming and fabrication industry for over 45 years, during which time they have built a metal forming company consisting of a highly skilled, professional team of experts to work with customers on their metalwork requirements. Our press brake operators are fully trained to use the machinery with the utmost proficiency and have developed their skill to ensure they can provide sheet metal bending services in which our customers can have maximum confidence.

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If you would like to find out how we can help you with your metal bending and forming requirements, or to discuss whether we can provide solutions that meet your specifications, please contact our team who will be happy to give you more information about our services.

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