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At QuTec we have a range of power presses to accommodate both single operation and progression tooling and these are complemented further by offering Punch Press capacity, resulting in a wide offering of metal pressed processes that can be achieved in manufacture. 

Our goal has always been customer satisfaction, which comes from our history and experience in the metal pressing industry. This is also why, over many years, we’ve spent time ensuring we remain market leaders in our field. We’ve invested our time and resource in expanding and delivering a presswork company that can offer everything our customers may require.

This investment in our equipment means that we are now able to accommodate an even wider range of customers and contracts that are specifically focused into the metal pressing and metal punching services.

Presswork in the West Midlands – what is a Press (Power Press)?

Presses deliver energy through a force that acts over a distance or stroke. The method and nature by which a press machine will deliver its energy will vary, dependent on its type and tonnage which is why not every metal pressing UK company can accommodate your needs efficiently.

Here at Qutec, we can offer press capacity ranging from 20T through to 500T with bed sizes ranging up to 1m x 1.5m. In turn, a number of our presses are able to feed up to 600mm wide coil on progression.

Press machines are the primary machine used in metal forming, extrusion and sheet metal fabrication. Hydraulic and mechanical presses can be employed across metal sheet, coils, strips or blanks, producing metal pressings or drawn and formed metal components.

Metal punching services – a machine breakdown

A Punch Press is a computer programmable power press which can be programmed to punch and form shapes from sheet metal materials. In lighter gauge materials the use of a punch press can result in a cheaper alternative of product manufacturing when compared to “hard tooling” for standard power presses or laser profiling.

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If your business is looking for metal pressing services or metal punching services look no further than QuTec for your next order.

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