Flood Defence


To produce one single and one double prototype flood gate for our customer’s exhibition that was fully functional and water tight. The requirement was a tight deadline of 10 days from order and within this lead time our own design had to be conceived as well as DWG`s & DXF`s created.


The Initial designs had to be created to feasibly manufacture the fully functional doors on CAD software with no trials. It was paramount that the doors would seal correctly so that they remained 100% watertight when in their closed positions. It was also very important for health and safety reasons that the door sealed at ground level and that the door threshold was cast flush with the ground so that no tripping hazard was created.


Because of the need to be watertight all joints had to be fully welded to a very high standard and each weld tested for flaws. One of the biggest issues to overcome was that distortion of the fully welded components was not permissible as this would affect the functionality of the door. All stress was relieved from the components prior to weld by predicting where the stress would occur and using proven methods to counteract this occurrence.

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